TIP stands for “Teacher Initiated Program.”  It is a matching grant through the Kentucky Arts Council that provides funds for professional artists to work with teachers and students in all of the art forms.  The artist and teacher work together to create a unit that is specific to the school’s needs.  Then, a panel scores the grants and those that are considered proficient are funded.

Here at FMHS, we are proud to announce that we received a grant for local artist, Melanie VanHouten, to come work with all of the current art students at the school.  Specifically, we are going to be working with the trees that were cut down in October.  We were able to save many of the pieces of wood (currently housed at Josephine Sculpture Park of which VanHouten is the owner/operator) – which the students will be using to create sculpture(s) related to the trees and their memory.

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