Today was our first day back after an almost three week spring break.  The students in my first period Art 1 class were a little slow to start – but soon began crafting their shoe boxes into a reflection of themselves, their family history, and their experiences at FHS.  Many of them started covering their boxes with the rubbings they made outside before spring break.  I think they are going to be awesome and can’t wait for the other students to get started tomorrow – hopefully they will remember to bring in their materials!

The Art 2 and Art 3 classes jumped right into shaping their sculpture.  Melanie finished moving the logs back to the school’s property on Sunday and the students quickly placed them next to their homes during class today.  One of the awesome things that happened over break is that Inside Out Design agreed to use their augers to help us start the holes we need to dig for the sculpture.   This means that the students will be able to concentrate more on anchoring the logs in the ground and finishing the sculpture (sanding, chiseling, etc) instead of worrying about being able to dig 30+ holes!  We are soooo thankful for this donation.  The students also began working on chiseling off pieces of the bark to expose areas of wood on the larger logs.  However,  it started pouring rain… so we had to run inside.  We took the few moments of entrapment to discuss what we may want to title the sculpture and how we want to invite the community to interact with it.

Since the skies were unpredictable today, I choose to not take the camera outside.  I will post pictures tomorrow of what the students have accomplished and what they work on tomorrow.