Today was Wednesday and everything is finally starting to fall into place.  I’ll confess,  Melanie and I were a little (ok – a lot) worried that  all the rain on Monday and Tuesday would  hinder us from finishing the sculpture before the residency is over on Friday.  However, today was sunny and beautiful.  The students were excited and we got a lot done.

Our tool situation caused us to divide and conquer a variety of tasks.  Some students drilled pilot holes into the smaller logs while others used ratchets to secure lag bolts.  The remaining students in the class were able to continue selectively removing pieces of bark from the logs.  Right now, the students are considering incorporating color stains and text into the smooth spots as a way for the students and community to interact with the sculpture.  We had a lot of fun and the students really worked hard to create their vision.

Securing the lag bolts.

Laughing and chiseling.

Taking some bark off and securing lag bolts.

Chiseling an intricate design - I cant wait to see what they do with it!

Sanding the area where the bark has been removed.

Straightening out a place where the deer removed some bark this winter.

And other exciting news… I remembered to take pictures of the students working on their memory boxes today.  There is a lot going on – some students are gluing, others are cutting, some are building drawers/shelves, while others are painting.  I’ll confess – the art room looks like a tornado went through it (and that’s after I cleaned), but their creative minds are blowing me away.  They are arranging their objects in all kinds of cool ways.  I can’t wait to see their finished products and hear them talk about their ideas at the end of the week.

Avid painters - look at all the items in the front box!

More painting.

Students working diligently on their creations.

Painting the inside of his box with another classes projects right behind.

Working with great intensity.