Drilling in the wind.

Inserting lag bolts into the smaller logs.

Notice the puddle....

We are very thankful that everyone has stopped doing the rain dance, it has really hindered our progress.  Tuesday we were forced to remain indoors most of our Art 2 and Art 3 classtime due to the downpour.  We took the opportunity to discuss possible titles for our sculpture as well as what else we may want to include on our plaque, which Curtiss Trophy & Engraving has offered to donate to us.  They are located off of Louisville Road behind Casa Fiesta.  Check them out and thank them for their support of our project.

We were able to start drilling and inserting lag bolts into the logs for about 20 minutes this morning, which was nice. However, the front lawn was quite a mud pit at that point.

The Art 1 and Middle School classes worked on their “What’s my Story?” boxes yesterday.  I was so excited to see what they were working on that I completely forgot to take pictures  – I will try on Wednesday to make up for it.  It was amazing how quickly students started cutting, painting, and gluing objects into a box to tell the world about themselves through sculpture.

Using a chisel to take some bark off the larger logs.