I couldn’t resist the rhyme.  Sorry.

As you may have guessed from the title, we had a concrete truck arrive (3 minutes early!!) this morning to help us permanently afix the logs in the ground so that they don’t fall subject to unintended movement.  We also had a local business, Harrod Concrete and Stone, offer to donate the concrete to us.  We are extremely thankful for the materials and the personnel time that was given in support to our project!!

As soon as class started we scrambled to ready the holes that Inside Out Design dug for us.  We had to scrape away the excess dirt from the edge of each hole so that the surface was even, as well as hand scoop out any loose dirt in the bottom.  Just as we were finishing up the holes the concrete truck arrived – right on time.

All of the students had the opportunity to take a wheelbarrow to the chute and watch the concrete pour in.  Then they worked in teams to fill each hole with concrete and drop the logs on top of each hole – being sure that the lag bolt was close to the center.  Everything worked out perfectly.  We didn’t have anyone lose an ankle to one of the 30+ holes in the ground, no one crushed their toes with a log, and we finished cleaning up just in time to go inside for lunch.  Oh – and the sun was shining.  It was a perfect work day.  I hope you enjoy the many pictures below – it was a pretty exciting day.

Also – please keep scrolling down to stay informed on how the Middle School and Art 1 classes are doing with their memory boxes.

Watching the concrete flow down the chute.

Shoveling concrete into one of the many holes.

Dumping concrete.

Getting ready to place a log in its permanent home.

Group shot!

Getting the last bit of concrete out of the wheelbarrow.

FHS vs. log. We won.

Cleaning the chute.

Our friendly driver from Harrods.

Thank you for continuing to scrolle down – it was a busy day.  The middle school and Art 1 classes continued to work on their boxes – trying to capture the story of who they are.  Most of them were pretty intense workers today.  There were times the classroom was even fairly quiet because they were all concentrating on their own projects.  Please enjoy some of the intense faces below.

Classroom view of most of the students working.

Another view of the classroom.

Students will sit anywhere if they need an outlet for a glue gun.

Working on their boxes.

This student was carefully placing lettering on the top of his box to commemorate his family.

Have you ever seen such concentration from a middle school student in the afternoon?

Thank you for sticking with this entry until the end.  I know it was long.  Tomorrow is the last day of the residency… but we will have some exciting news to tell you – so please come back!