Friday was the official last day of the residency.  So sad.  The kids kept asking, “So… Melanie isn’t going to be here any more?”  I suppose that is a good sign that they enjoyed their projects and working with her.

The Art 1 classes are almost finished with their boxes.  There were a few students who really need another class period to work on them, so we will finish them up on Monday.  The Art 2 and 3 classes spent some time inside discussing the official title and the short paragraph of text that will go on the plaque donated by Curtiss Trophy (as mentioned in a previous post).

They decided on Silent Witness: A Memorial Sculpture Garden.  As they were discussing possible titles at the beginning of the week, the groups of students kept coming back to the idea that the trees stood in the front yard for many, many years.  They witnessed thousands of students and events as they grew.  One student even posed the question, “If the trees could talk, what would they say?” The students felt that the title encompassed the many concepts they had for the sculpture – the circle of life  (things grow, die, then decay and feed new plants as they grow), while also emphasizing the importance of the trees and their own history.  The students spent the remainder of their class time working on sketching out final designs for painting and removing the bark – something they will finish next week.

Sketching out a plan.
Removing the bark in a pattern.
Chiseling away.