Frankfort Middle and High School is a 7-12 school located in Frankfort, Kentucky.  It is a part of the Frankfort Independent School District.  Click here to visit the FMHS website.

This past fall, arborists checking on the health of the giant trees in the front lawn recommended that some of them be cut down.  They were rotting inside and posed a threat to the school.  There were several articles in the State Journal about the trees throughout the decision-making process.  Please visit the first blog entry for links to the articles.

As the art teacher at the school, I was sad to see the trees go.  I recognized that there would be a void in the front lawn once the trees were gone.  Almost immediately I wanted to have my students build a sculpture for the front using the trees that were being cut down.  Since sculpture is not my personal area of expertise, I applied for a TIP grant in order to bring in a local sculptor.

If you have any questions about our TIP grant or about applying for one yourself, please contact the Arts Education Director at the Kentucky Arts Council.   Thank you for visiting the blog.

Rachel Allen